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HGTX Trainings

Meet the HGTX Training Team

The HGTX Training Team works to bring educational and technical support to child welfare professionals and caregivers. Our expert trainers facilitate sessions and series designed to improve post-permanency outcomes and prevent youth from re-entering the foster care system.

Samantha Thompson

Training Coordinator, TXICFW

Erin Argue Headshot

Erin Argue

Associate Director HGTX, TACFS

Nelkasia Graves Headshot

Nelkasia Graves

Permanency Resource Specialist, TACFS

Cassandra Mendoza Headshot

Cassandra Mendoza

Trainings Coordinator, TXICFW

Erika Settles Headshot

Erika Settles

Permanency Trainer, TXICFW

Samantha MacCallon Headshot

Samantha B. MacCallon

Training Support, TXICFW

Chelsey Castro Headshot

Chelsey Castro

Statewide Trainings Coordinator, TACFS

Andrea Requenes Headshot

Andrea Requenes

Permanency Resource Specialist, TACFS